why cant everyone just wear the same outfit everyday just like in cartoons

Because you need to change your dirty clothes …

I feel.srry for plants.. they have no choice but to stay in one place for the rest of their plant life

funnute funny and cute Kopyright


Love triangle!


I like watching shows or movies with a love triangle relationship but I never liked experiencing it in real life.


Why do we mourn peoples death when we actually haven’t personally met them. In addition, they have no idea who we are… why would we make ourselves feel upset or sad for no reason. We have no connection to them. If they’re dead, let them be.. they are consious of nothing at.I’m not saying its wrong to feel sad, but why? Sadness is just an emotion that we feel.. so is it ethical to feel this way for someone we don’t identify with? all.

  Screw the media for using someones death for personal desires.

Why do people pay more attention to paul walkers death than nelson mandela?


Go ahead and think we’re the only intelligent life out there. You go right ahead.

If we can see them does that mean they can see us?



Everything Love


Fuck yeah


can’t sleep


Work in the morning.  Sweetdreams